Why does this Chiropractor care how much water you drink?
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Why does this Chiropractor care how much water you drink?

As a health care provider with a global approach, I care about how your whole body functions.

  • Imagine your cells as grapes.  When the cells are well hydrated you have nice juicy grapes which allows nutrients to go in and the waste to leave.  However, if your cells are not well hydrated they will be more like raisins: dry and wrinkled.  The gateways that allow transportation into and out of the cell are now hidden in crevices.  We have a sluggish cell which leads to sluggish organs and creates a sluggish body and a sluggish life. Juicy cells, juicy life!
  • We know to not use a hairdryer whilst taking a bath, yes?  This is because water conducts electricity and we do not want that electricity moving through our body….ouch!  However, when it comes to the nervous system working properly, this is a good thing.  The nervous system is an electrical system and it is your lifeline. Please keep it well hydrated so that there is no communication breakdown.
  • Water protects your bodily tissue, joints and spinal cord by retaining the correct amount of moisture in these sensitive areas. Our spinal discs have a high water content.  If they are hydrated they can hold the space between the bones for our all-important nerves. Water keeps us nice and lubricated so our parts move well.
  • Speaking of things moving properly, let’s remember our intestines. Constipated?  Water will help flush (pun intended) out those pipes. We also need to get rid of waste products through sweat and urine, so drink up to avoid feeling itchy, smelly and cranky.
  • Water is used to regulate our body temperature. Just like the car radiator needs water, so does our body.
  • Finally, if we are not drinking water when thirsty what are we drinking?  Juices and sodas are sugar-laden and will lead to a whole cascade of events which you will hear about in my other blogs.

A nervous system works well with good fats, good hydration, proper movement and an optimal energy flow.  My holistic chiropractic approach offers an opportunity to explore and collaborate together to increase vitality.

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