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My approach

My intention is to reduce sites of irritation to the nervous system which can result in an inability to experience health and well-being and may occur when people experience too much stress (physical, chemical, emotional).   If interference is minimized and the causes of stress are reduced or removed, the nervous system can express its potential and healing becomes more accessible.


Chiropractic techniques fit into 2 basic models based on the two main systems primarily addressed by Chiropractors: the skeletal system and the nervous system.  While all chiropractic techniques involve both systems, the techniques are different based on their methods of assessment and correction.

Structural or skeletal system centred techniques adjust vertebrae that are not in their optimum position back to a more normal position and, in so doing, affect the nervous system.

Dr Judith focuses primarily on tonal techniques to restore balance in the body.

Tonal or nervous system centred techniques (such as Torque Release Technique) focus on the nervous system and the related changes in a person’s physiology. Muscles and bones do not think or act on their own.  Muscles are controlled by the nervous system and bones move if muscles move them.  Misaligned vertebrae are most likely the result of a challenge in the nervous system.  Therefore, the tonal techniques address the nervous system first so all else can follow.

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