How much water do I really need?
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How much water do I really need?

We have all heard that we are made up of 75-80% water and that it is wise to make sure our tank is full.  But what does that mean for our personal size and lifestyle?  Here is a useful chart on how to gauge the minimum quantity of water and/or herbal tea* that one needs to consume per ordinary day:

If you weigh….. Please drink this much…..
23 kilos or 50 pounds 0.75 litres or 25 ounces
32 kilos or 70 pounds 1 litre or 35 ounces
40 kilos or 90 pounds 1.25 litres or 45 ounces
50 kilos or 110 pounds 1.5 litres or 55 ounces
59 kilos or 130 pounds 1.75 litres or 65 ounces
68 kilos or 150 pounds 2 litres or 75 ounces
77 kilos or 170 pounds 2.25 litres or 85 ounces
86 kilos or 190 pounds 2.5 litres or 95 ounces

0.25 litres = 8 ounces = 1 cup

  • Herbal tea:  Please read the ingredients to assure that it is truly ‘all natural’.  Drinking herbal tea made from only leaves and flowers is a more pure choice rather than with ‘natural flavours’ or other questionable ingredients such as sweeteners. 

Important considerations: Pregnancy, exercise, hot weather and, oh no…. coffee and alcohol consumption!

  • Drinking for 2?  It is recommended that you drink 10 cups of water a day when pregnant and 13 cups when breastfeeding.  Of course, if you weigh more, drink more.
  • Common sense certainly dictates that if we sweat more due to hot weather and exercise that it be wise to replace that water. A pinch of pink Himalayan salt will help to replace lost salt as well.  
  • Do you know how coffee can make you run to the washroom?  This is because it is diarrhetic which means it causes us to lose water.  How much?  Coffee causes us to lose twice its volume of water.  Therefore, to compensate for one cup of java it would be wise to drink two cups of water in addition to the quantities listed above. 
  • And it gets better! For each alcoholic drink we will lose four, yes 4, times the volume of water.  Are you up for the challenge?

I look forward to sharing more tips on removing deficiencies in the way we eat, move and think. I am happy to help you assure that your nervous system is not deficient with a Chiropractic check-up.

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