Beginning Chiropractic Care - Judith Blum
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Beginning Chiropractic Care

Once your appointment is scheduled on Opustime, you will receive an email from them containing a health questionnaire. Please complete this form and submit it before your first visit. (Opustime is the method you will receive confirmations and receipts.  Therefore it is important to verify your junk mail if you do not see this email.)

During this time of COVID, please review this document before each visit to determine if you can be seen in person. Upon arrival at the clinic, please sign the register to confirm your non-covid status.

Preparing for your visit.  Please avoid stimulants or depressants such as caffeine, alcohol or cannabis as well as intense exercise for at least 3 hours before your visit. If pain killers can be avoided, it is preferable to delay use. 

Visit 1: Exploration

Your first visit will last approximately 75 minutes and includes a complete history and chiropractic exam.  At this time, we will take photos to evaluate your posture.  The resilience and adaptability of your nervous system will be studied with a heart rate variability assessment. 

Visit 2:  Collaboration

Your second visit will last approximately 60 minutes.  During our time together we will discuss how chiropractic care can help support your wellness goals.  You will learn about vertebral subluxations, why they exist and how to reduce and correct them. Time will be dedicated to explaining the results of the tests performed at your first visit.  If you desire to experience your first chiropractic adjustment, we will begin. 

Visit 3 and beyond: Resilience

On your third visit (30 minutes), we will discuss your care recommendations and continue with your next adjustment.  At your next visits, we will move forward with improving the function of your spine and nervous system including lifestyle support (reducing physical, chemical and emotional stresses). Subsequent visits last 20 minutes. If you need to discuss anything at depth please ask to schedule more time. 

Visit 12:  Complete reevaluations are done at this point to monitor your progress. We will repeat the same tests as your first visit and you will fill out a questionnaire to document your changes. 

Visit 13: We will review your changes and make a new plan according to your goals and results. 

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