Inter-Spirituality - Judith Blum
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Inter-spirituality demonstrates that there is a common and deep shared experience at the core of all spiritual experience. This experience– of a deeper holistic spirituality, interconnectedness, unconditional love and non-separation– becomes the basis of “Truth”, not the mental concern about which religious narrative, story, interpretation, speculation, prophecy, practice, method, leader, Messiah etc. is ultimately “right”. This is “inter-spirituality” and is a great step into freedom.

Inter-spirituality acknowledges a shared maturing experience, generally known as “Awakening”. In “Awakening”, a human being loses the sense of separation and becomes aware, instead, of a profound interconnection and continuum in all things.

For Inter-spirituality, history is, in a sense,  irrelevant. Inter-spirituality’s “primary experience” is about what is “right here, right now” and this is why it is so profoundly connected to “Awakening”. Yet, because there is a manifest, 3-dimensional world, a history of “religions” and “points of view”, an important aspect of Inter-spirituality still involves the “healing” of these apparent differences through dialogue, sharing, and co-experiencing.

(adapted from Kurt Johnson)

William Stoddart’s introduction to Ye Shall Know the Truth: Christianity and the Perennial Philosophy states: The central idea of the perennial philosophy is that Divine Truth is one, timeless, and universal, and that the different religions are but different languages expressing that one Truth. The symbol most often used to convey this idea is that of the uncoloured [white] light and the many colours of the spectrum which are made visible only when the uncoloured light is refracted.


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