Naming the Unnameable - Judith Blum
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Naming the Unnameable

What do we call this Something Greater?

This is such an important topic because there are words that can bring us closer to or push us farther away from ‘It’.  

‘It’, most commonly called God, is at the centre of a somewhat crisis in Western modern society. After many years of being told how to have relationship with It, many of us are lost in finding our own personal way. 

I believe that one of the first ways to heal this rift is to find a sound that works for each person. In the end, it is just a sound because ‘It’ truly cannot be defined by a word.  Once we put a word to something, it becomes limited. ‘It’ is limitless. 

For fun, let us begin to list some of the many, many names for ‘It’. (Bold type add to facilitate reading the list and in no way is emphasizing importance.)

God, Godde (female version), Great Mystery, The Cosmos, Divine, Source, Love, Elohim, Spirit, Goddess, Father, Beloved, Jesus, Buddha, Abba, Self, Supreme Being, Allah, Holy Spirit, Om, Krishna, Adonai, Gaia, Creator, Mother, Almighty, Consciousness, Lord, The One, Jehovah, Loving Intelligence-Intelligent Love, Yahweh, I Am, Goodness, Higher Power, The Way, Friend

This list is not complete, and will never be.  Please feel free to add your favourite sounds for ‘It’ in the comments below. 

“Ultimately, no name for God suffices.   We are challenged to continue to probe the rich ecology of human spirituality to ask questions, embrace paradox, and listen silently to the deepest of life’s mysteries.” ~ Matthew Fox

If you would like to explore this subject further, I welcome you to join us for  The Longing: What you seek is seeking you; a 5 week workshop series.  If you do not see a date or location that suits you, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request. 


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