The Spiritual Path - Judith Blum
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The Spiritual Path

In my experience, The Spiritual Path is not linear. Rather, it is circular and continuous, like a spiral staircase.  Sometimes I can find myself back in a situation that I thought was resolved.  What I now understand, is that with time, experience and wisdom, I can revisit the circumstances and see it from a different, more profound perspective.

The Spiritual Path is a gentle path.  That of no comparison. If we pulled back from both of the journeys depicted above, we would truly see a pattern that resembles a flower blooming.


Another poignant metaphor is the labyrinth. We can feel how Life circles back upon itself in order to see things from a new point of view.

May I suggest that if you are being tough on yourself for ‘not moving forward’ or ‘not getting it’, pause to reflect upon what is different this time around. What has changed? Is there more of a pause before a knee-jerk reaction? Do you turn to Spirit for comfort and guidance? Is there a softening? Do you seek more support? Do you have more self-compassion?

Enjoy the journey. This is the beautiful unfurling of your life. There is no end goal, no striving required. Be your biggest fan and be mindful as you move up the gorgeous spiral staircase of your evolution.

No matter what you do, no matter what happens,
It is impossible to leave the path.
Let me say that one more time:
No matter what you do, no matter what happens,
It is impossible to leave the path. ~
 Terry Macker
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