The Three Faces of the Divine - Judith Blum
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The Longing Workshop, Spiritual Workshop Montreal South Shore, Judith Blum Spiritual Doula

The Three Faces of the Divine

When I arrived at One Spirit Interspiritual Seminary in September 2016 I was not completely at ease about how to relate to Spirit.  I still choked on the G-word.  Let’s face it, in North America the word might have quite a charge depending on your up-bringing.

By the grace of God (yes, I can say it now!), Kurt Johnson read ‘The Three Faces of God’ written by Terry Patten to my class. Everything changed for me. I found a spiritual depth and breadth that I did not know even existed.  Depending on what is unfolding in my Life in the moment, each face of Source supports me in its own unique way.

I am excited to offer you a glimpse of what we will explore in The Longing workshop with respect to the three perspectives of the Great Mystery (adapted from Terry Patten).

The Third Face: The Cosmic ‘It’ is the AWE we observe in the natural world from the intricacy of a snowflake to the eyes of a newborn child. It is the Silence and the Energy that animates our world.   Here we savour the Third Face as the Web of Life.

The Second Face: The Relationship is nourished between you and the Beloved, the Mother, the Father, the Friend, God or Goddess.  Whatever name you choose, here an alliance of heart-felt Love and Support are available.

The First Face: The inner radiance of true Self.  Here we find the aspect of ‘I Am’ that shines in and through me as the light of the world.

I warmly invite you to take the journey into The Longing.  I offer a gentle environment to explore these concepts and more.  After the workshop series, please join us for Meta Circles where ‘graduates’ meet to continue the conversation.

  • Janet Fontaine
    Posted at 00:15h, 13 December Reply

    Judi had an amazing and gentle way of helping me discover my true self, spirit and voice! I now look at my life and everyone/thing around me with awe and grace! I can’t thank her enough and feel truly blessed!🙏

    • Judith Blum
      Posted at 02:20h, 13 December Reply

      Thank you so much Janet. It was truly a pleasure to have you participate in The Longing. I look forward to further exploration and sharing together in Meta Circles.

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