Chiropractic Lingo
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Chiropractic Lingo

Chiropractic may appear to have its own language.  Even the word chiropractic seems out of place; I often hear chiropracty, chiropractics, chiropractoring!  Here is a quick vocabulary guide for the chiropractic approach:

Innate: Inborn wisdom; natural.  The innate intelligence of your body is what does the healing. 

Ease: Effortless adaptability; poise. Loss of ease may lead to dis-ease which may lead to disease. 

Stress: A physical, chemical or emotional burden.  Have you taken inventory of the stress in your life?

Tone: The degree of nervous system tension. His tone reveals excitability and tightness. 

Subluxation: Subluxations develop when we encounter more stress than we can easily adapt to.  That stress affects the nervous system which affects the muscular system when affects the bone and creates the distortion in the skeletal system.  Get me to my chiropractor so I can reduce my stress and subluxations!

Adjustment:  A precisely applied pressure to the spine with the intent of reviving the body’s ability to self-heal.  Chiropractic adjustments are the primary form of care in this practice. 

Health: Wholeness; optimal physical, mental and social well-being.  He did not feel well, but he was having a healthy response. 

Homeostasis: the ability to maintain internal stability in the body to compensate for environmental changes.  With a healthy nervous system and the absence of infection, homeostasis results in an average body temperature of 98.6 degrees.

To sum up: in chiropractic we acknowledge the innate intelligence of the body to maintain a healthy state of homeostasis.  When there is too much stress, subluxation can result leading to increased tone and decreased ease.  Dr Judith will perform a gentle adjustment to increase you level of health.  Call today for a complementary consultation. 


*Edited from Patient Media

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