Am I getting enough nutrients?
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Am I getting enough nutrients?

Remember the days when all food  was grown in nutrient dense soil?  Remember when food was unrefined and not stripped of its nutrients? Remember the time when ‘organic’ was not even a necessary description because everything was already organic? No?  Me neither.  That was way before we were born, before the industrial revolution.

The reality is that modern non-organic industrial farming techniques produce fruits and vegetables that contain significantly reduced amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and cofactors. In addition, refined sugar, coffee, junk food and even medications can remove nutrients from our body.  Houston, we have a problem. 

Although eating and juicing 10 servings of multicoloured, local, organic, vine ripened fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure sufficient essential nutrient intake, the fact is that most of us do not meet this requirement on a daily basis. Proper supplementation is an affordable, practical way to ensure sufficient intake of ESSENTIAL vitamins, minerals and cofactors.  I emphasize ‘essential’ because we are not treating any symptoms with this supplement, we are only topping off what is missing for our basic needs.

For recovery, wellness and prevention, I recommend Vita-Sufficiency which contains only naturally occurring nutrients that are from certified organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, and is synthetic-free & yeast-free. Remember, it is not necessary if you get TEN servings of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables every day! Judith Blum chiropractor chiro St-Lambert,

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