On creativity and spirituality - Judith Blum
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On creativity and spirituality


Creativity constitutes the ultimate intimacy, for it is the place where the Divine & the human are most destined to interact. ~ Matthew Fox

Since I was a little girl, my closet has always been full of boxes and bags of odds and ends, old magazines, beads, bits of nature, string, fake flowers and much more.  And since I have been a big girl holding rituals and spiritual circles, I have been hauling out these objects to create.  

“If you work on your creativity, you deepen your spirituality. And if you work on your spirituality, you deepen your creativity.” ~Julia Cameron

Turns out I have a very strong left brain (9-years of higher education in science can do that).  Logic and reason however, have only been able to take me so far in connecting to that which is beyond the rational mind. In my experience, Divine speaks to me, to us, with images and symbols while the mind and language can be too finite. 

“When we enter the creative process with the intention of listening for the movements of the Spirit in the midst of the work, we discover new insights about ourselves and God.” Awakening the Creative Spirit

While I was very comfortable with crafts, when I summoned the courage to grab a paintbrush and a crayon, I found myself crumbling to my knees in tears.  I knew this was powerful medicine. My mentors fervently encouraged me to stay the course, to see what is behind the fear.  To this day, the paper and canvas still hold limitless potential to my spiritual path.  In all gentleness to myself, I have allowed Spirit to manifest in other medium such as felting (the otters above!) and poetry* (below) while I tenderly play with 2-dimensional creativity. 

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” ~ Robert Bresson

Integrated into my workshops and gatherings are important opportunities to go beyond thought and into sacred creativity. It is never about the product but always about the process. We explore the 3 Faces of Spirit via contemplation and art.  The creative spirit is given space to flow through altar creation, poetry writing, music, sacred movement, drawing and collage. 

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” ~ Erich Fromm

My goal is to create a safe place for art to move along the spectrum from bliss and ecstasy to metabolizing the shadow and back again.  Together, with care, we can move into the unknown, allowing space for Source to speak to the heart.

*My ‘manifesto’ was born after a particularly quiet meditation.

The Space
I am the One who holds the space for the perfect creation that we are. 
I am the One who sees what is here, present right now before me. 
I am the One who we sees your pain, whether it was inflicted from within or from without.
I am the One who knows the ending, and knows it is as sacred as the beginning. 
I am the One who remembers your wholeness when you forget.
I am the One who remembers their wholeness when you forget. 
I am the One who remembers that there is no ‘they’.
I am the One who knows forgiveness, when words hurt, and deeds damage, when we forget who we are. 
I am the One who is conscious that the healing has already occurred. 
I am the One less interested in what it is that breaks your heart, than what you are experiencing when it breaks. 
I am the One who can sit with your broken heart, for yourself and for others, and continue to be rooted in our Divinity. 
I am the One holding the fabric of the universe together through which we weave the stories we create. 
I am the One they call crazy, misinformed, delusional, & cold-hearted. 
I am the One who experiences perspective, knowing, union, & optimism. 
I am the One who will stubbornly hold us all to the highest vision of the magnificence of humanity that we have been created to be. 
I am the One who sees love in it all. 
I am the One who extends the invitation to come back Home to who we really are. 
We, are the One.



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