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The Itinerary

It is human nature to seek answers, especially to The Big Questions: why we are here?, where did we come from? where are we going?  In trying to make sense of a seemingly senseless existence, we create stories that attempt to answer these important existential wonderings. MappingMeaning is a collaborative community intended to share and discuss our heart-felt narratives.

Set your compass

Without reflection, humanity tends to look outward for comfort and joy rather than inward for meaning and purpose.  Generally, we reach a point in life when we know that external stimulation no longer satisfies a deep longing.  There is a realization that turning inward may lead to abiding peace and joy.

Have you had a moment of turning your face upward to the sky, arms reaching up, asking: what is this all about? Are there occasions when you are down on your knees, pounding on the floor, crying out: why am I here? It is during these times we find the motivation to contemplate the Great Mystery.

The intention of this experience is to create a container for you to contemplate and formulate a story that brings you serenity and promise. This is an opportunity for those of you emerging into contemplation, to receive from others who are engaged in the process.  And, this is a chance for those of you who have put this reflection on hold, for important reasons, to rejoin the conversation. Lastly, if you are like me, this occasion will continue to nourish your quest to clarify your beliefs, perspectives and fascination with the infinite possibilities of Who We Are.

Whatever reason has brought you to this work, I invite you to rest back into a larger story of Life, to feel into your own truth, on your own terms, and possibly, to reunite with Something Greater.

Here is your growing atlas:


Judi Blum : Remembering Our Wholeness

Veronica Pelicaric: To Know Eternity: That is Wisdom

ajbishop: Between the Breath

Akara: Circling the Dragon Portal

Rick: Acceptance, Patience, Peace and Love

Lisa Schermerhorn: Once Upon a Time

Would you like to share your Creation Story with the MappingMeaning Community?  Contact Judi

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