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MappingMeaning: Judi Blum

Remembering our Wholeness

Please note that I use the ancient spelling of Godde as a reminder that Divine is both masculine, feminine, and beyond gender. My creation story is strongly influenced by A Course in Miracles and Neale Donald Walsh’s The Little Soul and the Sun, as well as some scientists mentioned below. 

We are cells (souls) in the body of a Loving Source (Godde). In an eternal realm (heaven), this Body is whole, all-knowing, pure love and peace. As a part of Godde, we are created as a natural extension of Their divine love. In Reality, which is absolute (non-dual), everything is perfect. As an extension of Spirit, we appreciate the perfection of that realm, but eventually crave to experience other qualities (forgiveness, sadness, grief) that require duality or contrast. Thus, we chose a separate existence from Reality and created this world which we call reality. This is a desired opportunity for the Divine to live more facets of Them Self, those which are not accessible in the non-dual realm. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: “Do not be too timid or squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” In that sense, our humanly, earthly experience is like a playground, and it is not necessary to be attached to outcomes. It is like a holodeck (Star Trek) where we are privileged to act out a variety of scenarios, but cannot die because it is not real. We are eternal. 


This is all well and good until we forget who our fellow actors and we truly are. When we no longer realize that we are just playing a game, then Home is out-of-mind.  The ego-mind forgets the Wholeness of our brothers and sisters, and this creates a Hell on earth and we live in fear. When we judge each other and our self, we have forgotten Spirit; we have become hostage to ego rather than host to Godde.  Surprisingly, it is in the forgetting and then in the remembering again, that we get to participate in the act of Creation by reuniting the cells in the body of Godde, to come back Home. Out of love, we chose to be angels and came to Earth to help each other in embodying Creation. Now, moving from separation to unity and from fear to love, we have the opportunity to awaken to our Divine Selves within the illusion we created. Moving from separation to our original state of Oneness (at-one-ment)  is an incredible love affair.

The act of us recalling that we all are sparks of the Divine sets the stage for a Spiritual Awakening. This acknowledgement, eliminating the sense of danger and threat from our environment, allows us to move from fear to love, from competition to cooperation. Our brain and heart move into coherence and harmony. Consequently, a change in our electro-magnetic field occurs and influences the field around the Earth. Coherent consciousness between people creates an upgraded order in the world, and this subtle interaction links us with each other and the Earth (HeartMath’s Global Coherence Project and Princeton University). 


We live in a *Holofractographic Universe (“an expression of the essential interrelatedness of the holographic and fractal nature of the cosmos:  an innately unified whole that is fractal divided into discrete, localized entities that are always connected to each other and the entirety of the whole” ~Nassim Haramein).  In other words, all the information in all of creation is present in each of us, down to each proton.  This information is replicated on the micro and macro levels throughout the cosmos.  “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” ~ Hermes Trismegistus.


Zooming down to a smaller order on the fractal scale, we see the natural cycle of biological evolution. Our cells represent a maturation of bacteria that moved from an immature, individual, competitive and surviving state to a mature, united, cooperative, and thriving state. There is a directionality in evolution toward increasing complexity and consciousness: matter >> bacterium > nucleated cell >> tissues >> organs >> systems >>organisms >>families >> communities etc.  Our universe has progressed from the geosphere (matter) to the biosphere (life). We choose to incarnate into the biosphere. Through the evolution of the interaction of human minds moving into greater harmony via our electromagnetic field, a new level manifests: the noosphere (thought) emerges and encircles the earth. The more organized human hearts and minds are, the more the noosphere evolves towards unification of its elements and becomes a self-reflective universe. Love is the principal driver towards transformation realized through remembering our wholeness. This climax is the Omega Point (everything in the universe is fated to spiral towards a final point of unification) which could be considered as the ultimate return to Godde (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Lloyd Morgan). 

In our holofractographic universe, where each new collective incarnation leads to another Omega Point, we inevitably create novel dimensions of existence. As we collectively remember that we a perfect extension of Godde, the noosphere itself becomes a new cell in the ever-expanding Body.
Like Russian nesting dolls, each time we reach the culmination, we transcend and include (Ken Wilbur) all the facets of Divine we have realized. We reunite into the larger emerging Body, and consequently, have new opportunities in new realms to experience new aspects of Who We Are: unique facets of Source. 


Loving comments are encouraged. 

What is your experience reading this story? Are you left with questions?  Do you desire clarification?  Have you resonated with the author’s views?

Please share your comments below. 



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