MappingMeaning: Veronica Pelicaric - Judith Blum
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MappingMeaning: Veronica Pelicaric

To know Eternity: that is wisdom ~ Lao Tzu

We have always been. There was no beginning and there will be no end.  We keep coming back, over and over again. 

The reincarnation process is not the continual reinvention of different versions of oneself. There prevails an uninterrupted existence. A trilogy exists consisting of Spark-Spirit, Soul, and the psychic being. These are three different forms of the same Reality but not interchangeable. The psychic being is formed by the soul in its evolution.  It supports the outer being (the mind and the vital body) and grows by their experiences, carrying its nature from life to life.

It is beneficial to be aware that we are made both of a psychic being and an outer being. Our continuity is maintained in the psychic being.  The outer being is rarely preserved. The outer body is not only the physical body; it is our emotions, our thoughts, how we define ourselves and how we function in the world.  It is what we can see and touch in gross awareness; what we call the “I” or the “me”.  Again, it is the psychic consciousness which persists. When the psychic being is fully developed, when it no longer needs to return to earth for its development, when it is absolutely free, it has several choices. It may choose to no longer return to Earth (if it finds that its work lies in other dimensions where there are human beings of a different level of consciousness), or it may remain in the pure psychic consciousness, without reincarnating.   Finally, perfectly conscious, it may choose to come and go when it wants, as it wants, where it wants.  According to The Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s companion: “Consciousness is the faculty of becoming aware of anything whatsoever through identification with it. The divine consciousness is not only aware but knows and effects. Mere awareness is not knowledge”.  Consciousness is awareness watching awareness.  There are different states of consciousness: body consciousness, individual and global consciousness.

The goal of existence is to discover the way back to God (The Divine, Source, Awakening, Unity Consciousness, the Father, No Separation – these words are all different cultural expressions of the inexpressible).  It can take many shapes and forms, sometimes religious, sometimes not.  What counts is sincerity and not losing sight of the goal.

When we live in the awareness of the many, we should not forget the great oneness of things that surrounds, envelopes and nurtures that multiplicity.  Human beings live in a tiny corner, a very small piece of what we really are.  We forget that we and the Father are one. We “forget” that we are Divine and get caught in our different roles.  We identify with being this or that: a mother, a businessman, a carpenter, a chiropractor.   We forget that this is all part of what in Hinduism is called “Lila”,  the game of life, the big illusion.  It is fun to get caught up in ‘the many’ but there is a great joy in being ‘the One’.   Awareness of this idea is essential.  When we do what we need to do in the world, while remembering who we fundamentally are, a spark of the Divine, we are wedded to another dimension of reality. We are constantly invited to the eternal festival of life, but we often forget where we really belong, where we have come from and where we are going: back to Source.  A ‘wedding’ is necessary between our Eternal Child and our Souls, so that we remember. The Eternal child is that part of us that is not conditioned, that is trusting and free, that receives and gives spontaneously.  We can be like children who are not encapsulated in “me” and “mine”.   Our fundamental purpose is to make it to this wedding between our child and our cosmic consciousness. 

This is the eternal fairy tale of the Two-in-One. Indeed, we humans are not only children of Mother Earth, we are children of a Greater Power than Earth.  Our ‘base metal’ is the part of us that is identified with body, mind and emotions.  This part of us is not free, not worked on, not aware, not conscious.  This part of us believes we are just a piece of flesh that experiences emotions and thoughts. When we transform our base metal into gold, then the Universe which surrounds us melts into us and we become conscious participants in the dance (“Lila”: the play of forces we call life and living).  We are everything.   Jesus said:  “Wherever the two are one I am with them”.  The Gold is the result of the process of transformation. We are now free to express the love that we are with no constraints. We then know we are eternal and this is expressed in all we do for the benefit of all sentient beings.  It is that part of us that is wise and loving.

Presently, we have arrived at a fork in the road:  a portal to the Mysteries has opened.  In the old days, ideas and tools that are now available for everyone to see and study, have been called Mysteries.  This information was for the few, for the initiates. Eventually these teachings became obscured by our focusing on the material world and on outward achievements.   A new beginning wants to happen, is already happening.  We can see that more and more people wish to wake up, to love, to give. We no longer desire to be consuming machines, but care about the situation of the environment, of refugees, of racism, of the impact of the 1% who have, on the 99% who have not. The revelation of Mysteries is available for all of us who strive to transform.  Everyone will transform eventually.  The issue is that until we do, we mostly suffer.  Unless we transform our pain, we will transmit it.  Transformed people become transformers. We shall take the quantum leap or perish.  I intuit that unless we stop our destruction course of the environment, war-mongering, and inflicting suffering on other human beings, we will be annihilated.  Carl Jung had a vision where two-thirds of the planet (humans) would be annihilated and one-third would remain.

The Earth is groaning and praying and inviting us to awaken. Now is the time. 

Now is the time to join together as brothers and sisters to create the beautiful Earth-Life we all long for in our hearts.

Martin Luther King called this The Beloved Community. 

To do this we must intend to awaken, to take the steps that lead to awakening, and to take care of the future by healing and loving.



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