MappingMeaning: Lisa - Judith Blum
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MappingMeaning: Lisa


Once Upon a Time…

The Creator is the great I AM, The One who gave us life and free will to create and discover our selves and each other. We are all extensions of the Creator: the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. We are all one.  Because we are all connected, all souls advance together.

Earth is waiting for all of Her souls to ascend from the third dimension of materialism and lack into the fifth dimension which is the higher vibration of unconditional love and abundance. When all souls ascend, other souls on other planets and in other galaxies will be able to ascend too.  The Galactic Federation, (an alliance of space traveling civilizations within the Milky Way) are working hard to help us, but it is from afar because we must not have our free will tampered with.

We must AWAKEN to Who We Are in order to ascend. Fortunately, there are light-workers here to help awaken the planet to the truth.  We are asleep because we have been lied to for thousands of years about who we are and why we are here. We have been deceived and are in a battle right now with dark and evil beings in the third dimension.  These beings are deeply entrenched in a place of materialism and greed, and who live off of our fear.  Their goal is to keep us in perpetual terror and financial slavery to feed their needs. As we raise our frequency, the lower vibrational beings can no longer hold us hostage. We are moving into states of unconditional love and eventually will be able to instantly manifest the fulfillment of all our needs. It is a remarkable and magical time to be alive.  This is the time to release all that no longer serves us, shift negative patterns and behaviors, heal remnants of past lives that are holding us back. It is a time for greatness and infinite potential. Our evolutionary path of moving into the fifth dimension looks like this for an individual soul:

Once upon a time there was a Soul who was informed that she had lessons to learn because she was on a journey to become whole, to awaken to Who She Really Is.  She asked her counsel and guides, who were wise beings assigned to her, to make sure that she was well taken care of. They had great insight and knew the challenges she needed to face in order to grow and learn the great lessons of the Creator.

Life is so hard” she said, “it’s not for the weary.” Her guides assured her that this was for the best. Among the many planets and galaxies, why did she choose Earth?  She had heard that Earth was a difficult planet because it was a place where one could learn many lessons in one lifetime if you are willing to do the work. The Soul pondered on the idea of leaving her safe and loving environment and she became frightened. However, she knew her journey was written in the Akashic records: the place where all that has been and all that will be is recorded.

The Soul’s guides prepared her in a special room where she had the opportunity to pick a life that would have the highest probability of teaching her what she needed to learn.  They set up certain “soulmates” who she would intuitively recognize and who would teach her lessons.  These “soulmates” were to be her teachers. She was told, “Some will hurt you and some will appear to love you and you will feel safe with them. Paradoxically, a soul who is willing to sacrifice themselves and cause pain to another for a lesson, is a soul with the capacity for great love.”

At the end of her life, she returned to ‘the place between lives’ and journeyed back to her counsel and guides where she experienced a complete life review.

The Soul experienced all events from a neutral perspective. She felt the pain that others had felt due to what she had said and done, purposely or not. The Soul learned to forgive herself and promised to do better in the next life. And so, new plans came together where she and her counsel chose another life in which she would experience the lessons she still needed to learn.

Lisa’s Bio:  I began my spiritual journey 20 years ago learning Hypnosis, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Shamanism, became a Master NLP practitioner and I am currently studying Alchemy at a mystery school in Italy called Damanhur University. I ran a wellness center in the Boston area, started and ran a non profit for 10 years, ran a hypnosis/coaching business and was Vice President of Business Development for a really cool virtual reality start up company that unfortunately didn’t get funding. I am passionate about learning, laughter, traveling, deep friendships, my children and being of service to others. I have a High Performance Mindset Coaching business with my partner Kevin. I want to help as many people as possible. I currently live in Central Vermont in a log home with my rescue dog Lilly.


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