MappingMeaning: Rick - Judith Blum
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MappingMeaning: Rick


Acceptance, patience, peace and Love

In the beginning*, and long, long before, there was turmoil; there was noise; there was anxiety and lack of a sensation of feet on ground. There was fear** and even a little bit of desperation. There was no sense of connectedness, as if life was simply happening and there was no peace. And then, just before the beginning happened, there came to be moments of quiet within all of the turmoil and noise, anxiety, fear and lack of groundedness. Just moments here and there. As if the overcast sky opened up and allowed a single ray of sunlight shine through; piercing the sky and landing nearby. Just one ray. And then, closer to the beginning still, more quiet, more rays of light shining through the veil. Quiet….quiet….quiet…..

And then practice at quiet happened. Intentional time to explore outside of the turmoil and the noise. And then, acceptance. All that was going on in the world, all around, there was acceptance of what is, acceptance of all that is. Acceptance was born into the world. Acceptance. And then, through this acceptance, patience was born. Patience with everything, including any desire that what was happening might change for the “better”. Simply patience with all that is. Patience. Resting with acceptance and patience, resting there, peace was born. Peace with all that is, including desire that it be somehow different. Peace. And then, being in acceptance and patience and peace, Love was born. Seeing that all of it, all of the turmoil and noise, the anxiety and the seeming lack of ground below, even the fear and the desperation, were all worthy of Love. Love. Love. Love.



*Who or what began the beginning cannot be known with the mind and ego. However, the heart can be used to be It, to embrace It, to Love It.  What is known doesn’t really matter. Whether or not there is a Creator who has a purpose for this Creation, for any individual life, isn’t relevant. Indeed, there is an Energy, a Force, a Something that guides all of this. In the end, it is important to realize that all creatures are part of the whole. Therefore, an individual life and what is done with it is less important. It is essential to remember that we are part of the Creator. One ought not to think to finitely about it, too selfishly about it. It isn’t personal. Only in being can ‘All That Is’ be known and be experienced.  In attempting to know the unknowable, we perpetuate frustration, fear, ego.

If I try to know, I am lost.
If I just am It, I find It.
The ‘mission’ of this body, in this life, is to do the work that  opens the heart so that one can be part of the All-ness, the Creator. What is called for is to be in this moment, and this moment, and this moment….. When all beings are accepted just as they are, when one can be patient with the ego and the desire to change things, and finally to be at peace and in Love with all of it, then we know It.
**  Human upbringing and socialization in this world has created very strong ego development and a fear of something. Fear of what? Fear of our power perhaps, as Marianne Williamson told us. There exists a fear to be all the Love that we are. To remember, rather than perceiving the world through the ego-mind, it needs to be sent through the heart. Doing so, we can be Love for all  beings, all people and animals and even mosquitoes! Babies and young children receive the world without an ego filter. They do not build armour around themselves, nor forget what we truly are: Love.


Final Note: About that unknowing and inability to express the journey or the spirit…..to paraphrase William James: we judge the mystical experience not by its veracity, which is unknowable, but by “its fruits”: does it turn someone’s life in a positive direction?

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What is your experience reading this story? Are you left with questions?  Do you desire clarification?  Have you resonated with the author’s views?

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