Meta Circles - Judith Blum
Montreal Spiritual Workshop, Judi Blum, Spiritual Doula
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Meta Circles



Into the Meta  offers a community for folks who hear the call to find meaning in Life beyond the story of everyday society. We welcome the willingness to Lift the Veil revealing the Mystery that surrounds us. By stepping into Meta, looking at ourselves and Life from a higher perspective, we can better remember our wholeness. In doing so, we find the deep parts of ourselves that we have disavowed or forgotten. Recollecting these aspects of who we truly are creates an environment affording us the opportunity to relate with Something Greater.

The journey continues together in our Meta Circles. After The Longing workshop is completed, you are invited to a gathering to explore new practices and to share our spiritual growth and inquiry.  Meta implies that we break the cycle of self-referencing; this is where community becomes essential.  As such, our circle will meet as a safe and curious community of support.

We are a community of all genders, non-binary and non-conforming folk. The discussions are rich for all adult age groups and will be led with sensitivity to generational styles and experiences.

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