The Allowing - Judith Blum
Montreal Spiritual Workshop, Judi Blum, Spiritual Doula
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The Allowing


The Allowing

“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed – to be seen, heard, and companioned exactly as it is.”

-Parker J. Palmer

Allowing is what best represents the experience of our one-on-one sessions.  As a trained Inter-Spiritual Counsellor and Deep Transformational Coach, I hold space for the process of remembering your wholeness.  This encounter is a gentle opening up into an allowing of Spirit to move through your life. 

The Allowing is for you if you:

 ….want to explore a particular situation that seems to be rubbing up against the flow of life

…..are tired of feeling the fear, angst, guilt, sadness, etc

….feel a calling to something greater in life, a call for transformation, a shift in being

….are ready to look at core limiting beliefs: not worthy, not lovable, not enough, not safe etc

We partner together, with Higher Consciousness, to unveil what wants to emerge from your essence. 

The process is full of magic and mystery, twists and turns, frustration and relief. I am always left in awe of the transformation that is undergone by my courageous clients as we are led together with Spirit to a higher level of soul freedom. 



Schedule a complimentary call to explore if we are a good fit to spiritually partner.

The Allowing sessions last 60-90 minutes.

Calls take place via phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom.  We will greet each other with video, then just use audio in order to easily turn inward and go as deep as you feel ready to go. 

The frequency of your calls is determined by your own personal unfolding process.  There is no commitment to continue at a pre-defined pace. This is your own unique journey. 

Contact me here or call 514.806.7292



What a surreal transformational experience I had with Judi Blum! Wow, I am still in awe. I knew immediately that her energy was special when I was introduced to her. My intuition kept nudging me to have a coaching session with her and I followed through with it. I have been struggling with a topic for over 4 years and I have been coached with many coaches always with the same results. I have searched for healing and understanding and even prayed for it. I only got psychological help. The issue wasn’t in my mind! I knew it was deeper. Thankfully, my soul didn’t give up. I followed my heart to find a better match and Judi nailed it! No one helped me the way she did. I found the treasure! I was somewhere on a higher plane for the majority of the session .

The session really struck me on the most profound level. I am incredibly grateful for the healing and the spiritual elevation that had occurred from that 1 session alone.  I can’t even imagine the incredible breakthroughs I would continue to have under her direction. Thank you, Judi,  for sharing your unique offering to me and for helping me elevate into a brighter level of my being.


I would not be the man I am today without your ability to hold such amazing space. Hard to put into words what you offer the world.

If anybody is reading this and is on the fence about reaching out to Judi…do it.
You deserve it!


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