The Allowing: One-on-One Sessions - Judith Blum
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Judi Blum, Spiritual Doula

The Allowing


One-on-one Spirit-based sessions to Remember Your Wholeness


“The human soul doesn’t want to be advised or fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed – to be seen, heard, and companioned exactly as it is.”

~Parker J. Palmer

Spiritual Exploration on your own terms. 


‘Allowing’ is what best represents the experience of our sessions together.  As a trained Inter-Spiritual Counsellor and Deep Transformational Coach, I hold space for the process of remembering who you really are.  This encounter is a gentle opening up into an allowing of Spirit to move more easily and creatively through your life. 

The prime directive of deep coaching is to hold a space to enable a person to connect with their

deepest sense of self and which makes room for the presence and action of Spirit. 

Discover the wisdom of the Inter-Spiritual approach

The Allowing is for you if …

~you want to explore a particular situation that seems to be rubbing up against the flow of life

~you are tired of feeling fear, angst, guilt, sadness, etc

~you feel a calling to something greater in life, a call for transformation, a shift in being

~you are ready to look at core limiting beliefs: not worthy, not lovable, not enough, not safe, etc

~would like to embody Spirit more deeply

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Like-minded folks

“There are no new stressful thoughts. They’re all recycled.” ~ Byron Katie

Moving from needing external approval & the resulting paralyzing fear to remembering the perfection Self. The small child who was never told she was enough became the adult who needs her supervisor's reassurance. In our session, she found Peace in the Timelessness of God's Love. From this space, no need for external approval. This is unchangeable & everlasting. She recognizes that her job offers her opportunities to see the false beliefs hindering remembering Who She Really Is.

She has already moved from feeling overly responsible & doing everything for everyone, into an experience of slowing down, tuning in, & connecting. However, the sneaky feeling of fear creeps in, making her feel that everyone is better than her. Partnering together, we watched the fear become nervousness become excitement. Excitement for the new person that was emerging...one of freedom, gratitude & trust. The shift moved deeper into her evolving consciousness.

So much training, so many books and he is ready, ready to DO something to make a difference. 'Where do I start? Am I good enough? Will I do the right thing?' During the session, trust was transferred from what he knows to what wanted to emerge from him. 'I am a conduit. I am clear right now. All I have to do is BE my aliveness and all else will flow from that.' Am I good enough? becomes an irrelevant question because now he knows that he is the person to do this simply because he is here, now.

I’m Curious!  Schedule a discovery call today. 514.806.7292

The little child, who was free, creative & loving, quickly learned from society that she should be different. Now the adult feels held back, stupid, disabled & not good enough. Partnering together, we dropped into the Deep Knowing of who she really is: Love Itself. Freedom, expansion, playfulness & connection were unveiled in her. Her consciousness recalibrated as she experienced a true shift in being.

He was looking for closure with his dad who had passed on decades ago. Dad, who was passive-aggressive, had told my client that he was 'good for nothing'. During our time together, we partnered in remembering the unconditional love & true validation from what he calls God. By the end of the hour he experienced a profound reconnection & healing with his father and his Father.

Sometimes the tyrant within us can beat us down into feeling so small that the simple loving gesture of making a cake for a loved one becomes a spiral into anger and sadness against all of humanity. Creating space for the anger to be listened to completely so that Love's voice can be heard, allows for a quantum shift into joy, playfulness, laughter, freedom, kindness & innocence.

Loving Feedback

“I had a wonderful session with Judi and let me tell you that I have felt very well guided. We tapped into some important things together and thanks to her, I was able to finally release myself from some past traumas. Her approach is suiting and efficient. I recommend her to anyone! ”

~ Karyne~


“Thank You for The Allowing session we had together. It was such a revelation to me, to notice how comfortable I am becoming with myself, allowing my body to guide me through the painful sensations, trusting the inner unfolding step by step, and knowing all along deep down inside that my heart will speak to me when the time comes. It is such a powerful feeling when you know that you have the capability to be honest with yourself.  Things have been shifting around quite a bit since the session. I am feeling a lot calmer at the moment, my mind has been chatting less.  Thank you again Judith, thank you for being my guardian angel right now throughout this incredible life journey.”



“What a surreal transformational experience I had with Judi Blum! Wow, I am still in awe. I knew immediately that her energy was special when I was introduced to her. My intuition kept nudging me to have a coaching session with her and I followed through with it. I have been struggling with a topic for over 4 years and I have been coached with many coaches always with the same results. I have searched for healing and understanding and even prayed for it. I only got psychological help. The issue wasn’t in my mind! I knew it was deeper. Thankfully, my soul didn’t give up. I followed my heart to find a better match and Judi nailed it! No one helped me the way she did. I found the treasure! I was somewhere on a higher plane for the majority of the session.  The session really struck me on the most profound level. I am incredibly grateful for the healing and the spiritual elevation that had occurred from that 1 session alone. I can’t even imagine the incredible breakthroughs I would continue to have under her direction. Thank you, Judi, for sharing your unique offering to me and for helping me elevate into a brighter level of my being.”

~ Vanessa~

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.  There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

You feel it, don’t you? ~Rumi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Transformational Coaching?

According to the Center for Transformational Coaching, together we “create a sacred, enlivening space in which a revolution and renewal of one’s self-identity can unfold naturally, and with the greatest amount of ease and joy.  We drop below the thinking mind & into the realm of our innermost intelligence: the intelligence of the heart (our spiritual heart) & the life force or evolutionary consciousness that is alive within all of us.”

What is Spiritual Companioning?

According to One Spirt Learning Alliance, I offer “support to spiritual seekers in cultivating their inner wisdom as they explore the meaning of life, love, compassion, and inner peace; seek clarity about their purpose and place in the world; and nurture their relationship with the Divine, known by many names.”

What is Transformation?

According to Leon VanderPol, the Founder of The Center for Transformational Coaching,  “In transformation, what exactly is being transformed? The answer is simply this: our self-concept. We all have a mental image of who we are, an image constructed since birth from a vast range of personal and cultural circumstances, experiences, beliefs, and values. This image is our self-concept. The core of all true transformational work is facilitating a marked shift, if not a revolution, in one’s self-concept.”

What is Spirit?

According to Leon VanderPol, the Founder of The Center for Transformational Coaching,  “What is Spirit? Throughout this book I use the world (with a capital S) as an umbrella term, a label to denote the greater consciousness, presence, or evolutionary intelligence that guides us on our path and sustains our very existence. Depending on your belief system, Spirit could go by any of a number of names: God, the Divine, Source, Brahman, Creator, Supreme Being, Universal Consciousness or Mind, Divine Presence, Ground of Being, Breath of Life, Guiding Light, and more. All of these are generally pointing to the same thing, and so you are free to decide and define what Spirit means to you.”

What if I don't believe in Spirit or God?

It is not necessary to believe in Spirit or God or anything outside of yourself to take this journey. You may consider how you feel about having a Higher Self or Soul, a part of yourself that knows what is best beyond the everyday stressors, past traumas and future worries.

What happens during a session?

Our sessions flow through this general format:

Welcome  We (re)connect with one another and our previous work, if applicable

Centering Breath  We slow down to become present and connected to each other and Spirit

Intention  We create space to listen and speak from our hearts

Exploration  We explore what is ready to emerge and be known

Close  We acknowledge what was learned and experienced


After the welcome, we will turn off our cameras and close our eyes. I encourage you to stay present within your heart by keeping your eyes closed until the session ends.  A session can last between 60-90 minutes)

How should I prepare for our sessions?

I invite you to come as you are and encourage you to be as comfortable as possible.

Please consider these tips:

1. Grab any essentials (water, journal, tissues)

2. Find a quiet space that offers privacy and comfort

3. Remove distractions and silence device notifications

4. Check your device connectivity and power supply

5. Log in to Zoom and test your audio and video

Can I record my session?

At the beginning of the session, please let me know if you want to record and I will give you permission in Zoom. Once our session ends, the recording will download directly onto your computer. Please note that I will not have access to these recordings.

What happens after a session?

You are encouraged to take a few minutes to sit in silence or journal your takeaways. I may email session notes for you to reflect on and remind you of any upcoming sessions we have scheduled.

How do I schedule?

There are many ways to schedule: email, text, phone will offer the most possibilities or online, which does not show all my availabilities.  Once you schedule, you will receive an invoice to reserve your appointment.

After you have settled your payment, you will receive an email with the Zoom dial-in information and a link to add the appointment to your calendar.

Please make sure to download the free Zoom video meeting app onto your computer or mobile device prior to our call. Select one of these options to download Zoom: Desktop  |  Android  |  iOS

What are your payment details?

My standard fee for a session, which lasts between 1 – 1.5 hours, is $90 Canadian dollars.

Canadians will receive an invoice for a bank transfer.

International clients will receive an invoice from PayPal.

Receipts will be issued under Naturopathy (N.D.)

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 3 hours before our session start time. I have a no refund policy; your payment will be applied to a future session or can be gifted to someone within 1 year. If you cancel late, forget to cancel, don’t show up, or show up later than 15 minutes without notice, your session will not be eligible for rescheduling and you will loose the paid value of that session. I will make exceptions to this policy in the case of medical or family emergencies. I also reserve the right to cancel sessions due to any serious issues on my end and will coordinate with you to reschedule if this occurs.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ~ Rumi

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